“100% Fresh Handwork“

8 min. artistry + 5 min. comedy presentation

It all looks incredibly difficult but nevertheless it comes across as playfully easy. Thomas Endel sweeps over the stage to groovy sounds and displays artistry on the highest level of difficulty. With his astonishing lightness and elegance one gets the impression that he, along with his props, is floating over the stage. Inspired by the pace and character of the music, Thomas Endel has styled an intoxicating choreography in which every movement and every throw are coordinated and accentuated in the way of a perfectionist. Over the course of the years, the choreography, the music and Thomas's own disposition have come together to form a stage personality who lives outits playful delight unbrakedly on the stage and celebrates juggling as high art. The reward for all his demanding and strenuous training is the rapturous applause at the end.

“He plays perfectly, with charisma and confidence.”
Leipziger Volkszeitung

"The [...] perfomer Thomas Endl set the sights high right at the beginning. There was hardly anyone [...] who was not holding their breath. With astonishing emotion, the ball-acrobat played with his yellow spheres; and [...] surely clubs have rarely flown faster."

With this act Thomas Endel walked away with 2nd prize at the national level at the “Top Level Variety Show” of the Lion's Club 2000, and in 2001, at the “Krystal Palace Variety” international variety competition, he captured 1st prize.