"Portrait Of Fire"

10 min. artistry + 5 min. comedy with volunteers or not-so-voluntary volunteers

"If you play with fire, you're gonna get burned!" Yeah?
Well, apparently Thomas Endel never quite understood this saying.

Controlling fire was an important step in the development of human cultures and civilizations. "Portrait of fire" is a view into the experience of the human being with the element of fire and its meaning. Danger, power, control, passion and impulses… this show tells all about it.

With polished movements the spinning firestaff whips up powerful images into the room. The precision and intense choreography of the juggling awakens the magic in modern artistry. This show grips the spectator with emotions: hours after the performance the music still echoes in the ears; fire cascades rage before the eyes. Thomas Endel perfectly understands how to frame the fascination of fire impressively in images and accepts for that burned fingers with pleasure.

Die Hessische Allgemeine