"Magnetic Levitation"

3 min. artistry + 2 min. comedy

An April fool's joke? Excuse me? First he dazzles and juggles 7 or 8 balls and now he wants to give us a show with one ball?

But wait…a seemingly weightless ball glides as if it were on rails laid over the body of the juggler. With fluid movement patterns the ball continuously finds new tracks, circles him, glides over his head and then rolls sinuously over his hands, feet, and back again. It looks like magic, almost as if higher powers are at work. In reality however, ThomasEndel has neither made a pact with the devil, nor has he surgically implanted magnets under his skin. What he does seemingly so lightly and easily is due to pure artistic abilityand a consummate feeling for the balls, which he is able to show so adeptly, with the wink of an eye of course.